Knowledge is power and in the world of oil & gas investing knowing when to buy and sell is king. Investors also face a mind field of hidden risks, such as missing wells and funds held in suspense. But armed with the right knowledge, such investment pitfalls can be readily avoided. Ironically, most investors have access to many of the facts needed to make smarter investment decisions and prevent operator payment errors – including their own portfolio records and publicly available data for permitting and rig activity – yet information delays and siloed data often prevent them from connecting all the dots. Under such conditions, how can oil & gas investors transform scattered sources of information into actionable knowledge?

Your Data and Public Data, Better Together

Today’s oil & gas investors have unprecedented access to data, however, being able to quickly bring the right kinds of data together quickly is an essential capability that can make or break a portfolio. On one hand, Mineral and royalty owners must organize a large volume of proprietary data related to their business operations, such as ownership information, property metadata, and revenue. And on the other hand, investors must be able to analyze public data sets – such as permitting, rig activity, and production – in order to spot new acreage opportunities, know when to divest, and avoid underpayments. Yet all too often this critical information is locked in data silos, impeding informed decisions.

The MineralSoft software suite brings your proprietary data together with Drillinginfo’s quality-controlled public data sets in one powerful interface. The mineral management platform seamlessly blends ownership and revenue details with production volumes, well headers, permits, and rig locations. And because Drillinginfo has GPS coverage on 95% of North American rigs, you’ll be able to track rig movement in near real-time.

Delivering Activity Insights to Your Inbox

From land and title to accounting and audit, oil & gas investors have multiple workflows that preoccupy their day. We don’t always have time or bandwidth to keep tabs on all of the activity around our properties. At the end of a busy day, wouldn’t it be nice to just get an e-mail with any activity that needs our attention?

That’s where tracking permits and rigs starts with most MineralSoft users. Our daily activity summary e-mail roll-ups key metrics about your properties into one, easy to read dashboard. At a glance, see the latest production for your portfolio along with number of new permits and rigs around your tracts. Then access detailed reports and map views with a click.

Powering Smarter A&D Decisions

The oil & gas business runs on data, but you’ll never see a spreadsheet hung on a wall. That’s because energy professionals are map-centric, which is why being able to visualize well and nearby activity is so critical.

MineralSoft’s cloud software features a complete GIS toolset, optimized for non-op oil & gas workflows. As a base layer for viewing your mineral interests, our mapping tools enable you to view ownership tracts using shape files. These polygons can be added to the map three ways: 1) import a shape file, 2) create ownership tracts by drawing them on the map, or 3) have a MineralSoft GIS specialist map your properties using legal descriptions.

From the map, you can easily view just your wells or layer on public wells using the live Drillinginfo integration. Want to see the new drilling permits that have been issued in your area of interest in the last 7 days? Just turn on the permits report to view a list of recent permits close to your property, including approval date, permitted depth, and expiration.

Driving smarter, faster, and more informed buying and selling decisions is all about tuning into the well activity in your areas of interest, including rig movement and completions. MineralSoft makes it easy to spot new production ahead of the competition to give you first mover advantage. And knowing when an area is about to become competitive can help you time your exit and maximize your returns.

Tracking Permits and Rig Activity with MineralSoft Mapping Tools

Proactively Addressing Non-Payment

One of the top ways oil & gas investors get shortchanged is non-payment on new wells. Such “missing wells” are producing assets that a mineral owner is entitled to received revenue from but are not aware they have an interest in. The fact is, most operators lack the resources and bandwidth to stay on top of division order signatures and simple bookkeeping errors, such as sending checks to the wrong address, can result in your funds being suspended. And if you live in a state that does not require mineral revenue to be held in an escrow account, your missing revenue could revert to the state.

Monitoring rig activity on and near your tracts is the easiest (and least frustrating) method of tracking down missing revenue. By staying tuned in to rig activity using MineralSoft’s daily alerts and our map linked to your ownership records, mineral owners can rapidly spot a new well on their tract. With a little due diligence, missing wells can be found, and your suspended revenue unlocked with a simple call to the operator’s owner relations line.

Learn more about tracking permits and rigs with MineralSoft in this short webinar recording.