Acquiring oil & gas assets? Getting a quick and clear understanding of a deal’s potential takes time. In fact, it can take weeks to gather all the facts you need to assess a property and make the crucial decision to acquire or pass.

To spot winning properties in today’s competitive environment, your team needs a fast and reliable method to evaluate prospective acquisitions. Read on to learn how cloud-based technology and services create powerful new ways to manage, process, and visualize acquisition data so you can make the most informed buying decision.

A Private Buy-Side Data Room

Land records and other documents related to a deal contain vital information about future performance. Yet all too often, prospective buyers receive a chaotic mix of digital and physical files from asset sellers. Cloud-based mineral management solutions enable your team to track and organize acquisitions, divestitures, and prospects. By integrating real-time data alongside powerful document management features, you can easily organize all of the asset information you need to evaluate a property in a buy-side data room that only your team has access to.

Understanding Revenue Potential

Getting a clear view of a prospective deal’s value means understanding historical asset performance, expenses, and future economic outlook. To do this, your team must comb through years-worth of check stubs line by line, a process that is truly daunting for deals involving multiple tracts. However, this process can be reduced from weeks to days using a managed revenue service. Such services leverage CDEX integration to backfill historical revenue data for prospective acquisitions and manually load check stubs that aren’t on the exchange. As a result, you can evaluate your ROI faster by seeing revenue, expenses, and pricing in one integrated view.

Visualizing Properties and Nearby Activity

Insight into the long-term performance of a prospective acquisition doesn’t stop with the asset itself. Buyers also need to take a close look at activity around the property that might have a material impact on the value of the deal. Cloud-based mapping tools give your team a quick and easy way to visualize a property by drawing or uploading shapes and presenting asset information in context with real-time activity data. This enables your team to rapidly map and see nearby rigs, permitting, and wells.

MineralSoft, Accelerating the A&D Process

A rapid and reliable assessment of a prospective acquisition requires both technology and services. MineralSoft equips you with leading mineral management tools that enable your team to quickly organize acquisition datasets into a buy-side data room, map properties, analyze nearby activity, and understand revenue potential using our industry-leading Managed Revenue Services. The result? Valuable intelligence you can act on to close deals faster and acquire assets ahead of your competition.

Get a quick introduction to MineralSoft acquisition tracking now in this short video.