Explore Interactive Maps for Critical Workflows

Don’t let cumbersome GIS products, end-user license costs, and information sprawl slow you down. Whether you need to build a stunning map to market an asset or want to visualize prospect scenarios, MineralSoft gives you the tools and data you need to succeed.

Benefits & Features

Visualize Your Entire Operation

MineralSoft gives you a complete GIS toolset with the ability to search, filter and export. See your own property portfolio on the same map with industry activity.

Monitor Activity in Real-Time

View your assets in context with our live public data feed to closely monitor new drilling permits, rig activity, producing acreage, and nearby activity.

Access Land and Accounting Data

Easily find the asset information you need using our map-based interface, including production volumes, deeds, leases, revenue and expense data.

Focus on the Big Picture

Let MineralSoft support your GIS workflows by managing your land data, mapping property descriptions, and creating and loading shapefiles for you.


Traditional GIS software is expensive and requires specialized knowledge to use. MineralSoft gives your entire team powerful, modern, web-based mapping tools that are easy to learn and affordable to use.

Key Features

Build interactive maps showing assets, leases, and prospects. Upload shapefiles or draw polygons on the map. Track nearby permit activity, rig movement, and well status.

Supported Workflows

Our GIS toolset drives all your critical map-based workflows, including prospecting, acquisitions, asset management, and divestitures.

Data Integrations

With MineralSoft, your maps are powered by DrillingInfo’s leading datasets. Our exclusive data integration gives you real-time access to well data and new activity.

Who Benefits?

Our mapping tools streamline GIS tasks for technical staff while giving your land and executive teams powerful new ways to view and work with maps to support their decisions.


The maps you need for prospecting, A&D, and asset tracking require a wide range of land and GIS data. Rely on MineralSoft to keep your systems up-to-date so you can focus on the big picture.

Professional Services

Our land data managers will import and QC your critical GIS data, map your property legal descriptions, and ensure your portfolio system is accurate and up-to-date so you always have timely and accurate maps.

Our Process

MineralSoft’s land and data management team works seamlessly with your staff to assist as needed with data import and QC or to provide full service GIS data management.

Technology Advantage

Leveraging knowledge of MineralSoft’s GIS toolset and data integrations, our data managers load, QC, and create custom shapefiles to give you the exact maps you need.

Business Value

Managing GIS and land data can be a full-time job. Augment your in-house technical staff or outsource your GIS data management completely to lower your operating costs.

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