Family Offices

Build a Lasting Financial Legacy

Whether you are part of a single or multi-family office, MineralSoft’s industry leading mineral management software and professional services will empower your team to preserve and grow mineral wealth for future generations.

Benefits for Family Offices

Preserve and Grow Mineral Income

MineralSoft gives family offices everything needed to spot winning properties, manage assets, and maximize return on investments.

Easily Manage Your Oil & Gas Portfolio

Stay on top of your mineral interests with a real-time dashboard of wells and revenue.  Plus, simplify reporting and taxes with our accounting tools.

Evaluate New Investment Opportunities

Keep your portfolio producing with our powerful mapping and data integrations that help you spot and secure mineral interests faster.

Ensure Payments are What They Should Be

MineralSoft makes it easy to verify production and pricing against pay stubs.  And our audit team is ready to recover lost revenue for you.

Find, Buy, Sell Properties

As a family office, you are responsible for managing and preserving wealth for the next generation. For oil & gas investments, this means constant attention and careful timing to buy and sell assets. MineralSoft gives you all the tools to capitalize on oil & gas investments for long term growth.

Acquisition & Divestiture

Pinpoint investment opportunities, acquire minerals faster, and optimize the process of selling assets.

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Land & Title

Improve land records management, drive informed decisions, and reduce your exposure to risks.

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Make data-driven decisions, visualize prospects, map your properties and track nearby asset activity.

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Manage Oil & Gas Investments

Your team might manage a large oil & gas portfolio for a single family or several portfolios for multiple families, resulting in highly complex ownership structures. MineralSoft simplifies your accounting and reporting. Plus, auditing tools ensure families are paid correctly on their production.

Portfolio Management

Easily track large oil & gas portfolios, analyze asset performance, and set alerts to monitor by exception.

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Eliminate manual revenue data entry and ensure your books are always up-to-date for reports and taxes.

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Audit & Revenue Recovery

Verify check stub production and prices, spot errors with decimals or deductions, and take action to recover missing income.

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Get the Most Out of Your Oil & Gas Investments

Our team of mineral management experts is ready to help you choose the right solutions for your business.