Deliver Superior Service and Portfolio Performance

Enhance client experience with MineralSoft’s leading mineral management technology and services. Our platform is ideal for tackling tough oil & gas investment challenges while improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Benefits for Banks

Provide the Best Client Experience

Optimize investment decisions with our tools and tailor reporting for each client.  Plus, MineralSoft’s oil & gas experts are on call to advise and troubleshoot.

Drive Operational Efficiency

MineralSoft allows your financial advisers to focus on the big picture by automating workflows and providing real-time insights and alerts when action is needed.

Automate Revenue and JIB Processing

With our exclusive data integrations, your firm can eliminate data entry, saving valuable time and reducing errors.

Easily Manage Multiple Portfolios

The MineralSoft platform gives your firm flexibility to manage each client’s portfolio in a multi-tenant environment with state-of-the-art security protocols.

Find, Buy, Sell Properties

Your clients rely on you to make sound oil & gas investment decisions. Yet the time-consuming tasks of finding and exiting positions are only multiplied by the large number of clients you serve. MineralSoft gives your firm powerful A&D tools and the ability to monitor by exception, enabling you to optimize operations, drive service excellence, and retain clients.

Acquisition & Divestiture

Pinpoint investment opportunities, acquire minerals faster, and optimize the process of selling assets.

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Land & Title

Improve land records management, drive informed decisions, and reduce your exposure to risks.

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Make data-driven decisions, visualize prospects, map your properties and track nearby asset activity.

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Manage Oil & Gas Investments

Your team likely spends countless hours processing check stubs and manually keying revenue data, a process compounded by multiple clients who expect timely reporting. MineralSoft automates revenue data processing through live data feeds and managed services. Plus, we reconcile production volumes and pricing in real-time to detect and recover missing revenue.

Portfolio Management

Easily track large oil & gas portfolios, analyze asset performance, and set alerts to monitor by exception.

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Eliminate manual revenue data entry and ensure your books are always up-to-date for reports and taxes.

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Audit & Revenue Recovery

Verify check stub production and prices, spot errors with decimals or deductions, and take action to recover missing income.

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Get the Most Out of Your Oil & Gas Investments

Our team of mineral management experts is ready to help you choose the right solutions for your business.