Audit & Revenue Recovery

Reveal Missing Oil & Gas Income

Right now, your organization could be losing revenue due to inaccurate check stub or JIB data. MineralSoft puts you in control with auditing solutions designed to spot discrepancies, find missing income, and efficiently recover it.

Benefits & Features

Reconcile in Real-Time

Our platform features real-time data feeds of public data and check stub data to instantly verify your oil & gas production and detect any discrepancies.

Verify Commodity Prices

MineralSoft tracks the oil, gas, and NGL prices used to calculate your revenue, significantly reducing the time needed to verify commodity prices.

Identify Incorrect Deductions

If you own a cost-free interest, MineralSoft will identify any post-production deductions that need your attention.

Recover Lost Revenue

From suspended funds to unleased minerals, our team has recovered millions from operating companies through pursuit, negotiation, and legal action.


Ensure your monthly oil & gas revenue payments are exactly what they should be by automatically comparing check stub data with public volumes and prices, right from your web browser or mobile device.

Key Features

MineralSoft was built specifically for non-ops, with integrated tools for auditing financial data and automated alerts to potential problems.

Supported Workflows

Our software tools can automate your audit workflows, including oil & gas production verification and price validation.

Data Integrations

MineralSoft fast tracks the auditing process with our integrated production data for volume verification.

Who Benefits?

By automating processes and eliminating manual data management, your staff spends less time finding and more time addressing revenue discrepancies.


Leveraging our own technology and a proven audit process, we’ll help you identify underpayments on your assets, collect the missing revenue, and ensure you are paid properly going forward.

Professional Services

Our land and legal team offers end-to-end auditing services, including pre-acquisition due diligence, forensic audit of existing assets, and expert advisory.

Our Process

MineralSoft’s audit process incorporates dozens of methods for discovering missing or non-payment. We work on your behalf throughout the revenue recovery process.

Technology Advantage

Our audit and revenue recovery team leverages MineralSoft’s leading technology and data integrations with Drillinginfo and Oildex to verify production volumes, prices, and ownership decimals.

Business Value

Our turnkey auditing service maximizes your returns and minimizes asset risks. We can undertake an audit project on your behalf or augment your own resources to perform specific functions.

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