Acquisitions & Divestitures

Drive Decisions with Data and Insight

Building a winning portfolio starts with prudent acquisitions and well-executed asset divestitures. MineralSoft deploys data and deep oil & gas expertise alongside purpose-built tools to streamline A&D processes and maximize investment returns.

Benefits & Features

Capitalize on Emerging Opportunities

Spot prospects by monitoring rig movement, drilling permits, and well status in real-time.  Plus, receive instant alerts so you can capitalize on opportunities faster.

Evaluate Deal Upside and Risks

Mine public well data with our integrated feed that lets you high grade prospects based on past performance, decline rates, and other factors specific to your area of interest.

Acquire Positions with Confidence

Build an online buyside data room to assemble prospect data.   Leverage powerful analytics tools and historical production data to optimize investment decisions.

Maximize Your Exit Value

MineralSoft’s leading portfolio management tools keep your data and documents organized.  Our data room service is the ideal choice for marketing an asset and helping buyers see its full value.


Monitor emerging opportunities and acquire mineral interests with confidence. Plus, expedite asset acquisitions and divestitures with online data rooms.

Key Features

Bring all your data together, including land documents, production data, and revenue detail for acquisition insight and data rooms. Advanced data exploration tools and alerts help pinpoint opportunities.

Supported Workflows

MineralSoft accelerates acquisitions with powerful analytics and data discovery tools. For divestitures, we streamline the data room process and raise exit value by enhancing the buyer experience.

Data Integrations

Our exclusive Oildex and Drillinginfo integrations automate delivery of your data and put it in context with public sources to help you spot opportunities and assess deal potential.

Who Benefits?

Asset sellers benefit from data-driven deal rooms that reveal the full value of their portfolio to buyers; while buyers gain powerful analytics tools to help them make informed decisions.


Our land and technical team will streamline your A&D processes by evaluating deals for you, managing data rooms, and onboarding newly acquired assets.

Professional Services

MineralSoft gives you end-to-end A&D support, including asset evaluation, lease negotiation, ownership verification, and digital data room management.

Our Process

We partner with your A&D team to deliver on demand advisory or fully outsourced A&D services, giving you flexibility to maintain your desired level of day-to-day involvement.

Technology Advantage

Our services team leverages MineralSoft’s investment management technology and data integrations to achieve your acquisition and divestiture goals and maximize your ROI.

Business Value

Our land and legal services help your organization acquire winning assets, reduce risk from title defects, and exit positions at the right time to achieve optimal returns.

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