Go Paperless and Keep Your Books Live

Every day, your accounting team struggles to process the flood of check stub data received from operators, which arrives in a mix of incompatible print and digital formats. Automate your data processing and generate reports in real-time with MineralSoft.

Benefits & Features

Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Avoid time consuming and error prone manual data entry.  Our online tools and data integrations will automate the import of all your revenue and JIB data.

Generate Standard and Custom Reports

Instantly generate standard report types, like income and lease operating statements, or create ad hoc reports by payer, well, lease, acquisition, county, state, or basin.

Integrate with Your General Ledger

MineralSoft offers a complete solution that can also exchange data with your existing GL or ERP system through out-of-the box integrations.

Ensure Data Quality

Combining our data management expertise and technology, we offer turnkey managed services for importing, normalizing, and validating your financial and production data.


Easily maintain your books by automatically importing revenue data and tracking expenses in a system built from the ground up for minerals and non-op.

Key Features

Featuring KPI dashboards, analytics tools, and out-of-the-box and custom reporting, MineralSoft solves the unique complexities of non-op accounting.

Supported Workflows

MineralSoft gives you all the tools needed for tracking income, managing JIBs and other expenses, general ledger reporting, and generating oil & gas specific reports.

Data Integrations

Our exclusive data integration with Oildex’s leading data exchange eliminates manual data entry.

Who Benefits?

By ensuring instant availability of your financial data, MineralSoft lets controllers, accountants, and auditors focus on analysis and high value reporting.


Let MineralSoft’s financial experts manage your books, including general ledger reporting, expense tracking, and revenue data management.

Professional Services

Working seamlessly behind the scene, our managed services team ensures the integrity of your financial data and assists you with analysis and reporting.

Our Process

MineralSoft can augment your accounting team by performing specific functions or provide a completely outsourced service for day-to-day accounting operations.

Technology Advantage

Our team of financial experts is powered by MineralSoft’s cloud-based platform, which was designed specifically for tracking mineral and non-op investments.

Business Value

We help funds, family offices, foundations, and other institutions lower operating costs and reduce risks by ensuring data quality and timeliness through our managed services.

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