On a Mission to Modernize Mineral Management

At MineralSoft, we believe that oil & gas investors deserve cutting edge technology as well as a dedicated partner to help them succeed. That’s why we are passionate about building mineral and non-op asset management tools, leveraging the latest best practices, and supporting our clients with a deep bench of oil & gas expertise.

Our Mission

MineralSoft is an Austin-based technology developer and service provider focused on developing solutions to manage oil & gas investments. Founded by Gabe Wilcox and Jon Parker in 2015, MineralSoft has seen rapid adoption of its cloud-based software products and professional services by organizations who own minerals, royalties, and non-operated working interests in oil & gas assets.

Over the past decade, the upstream oil & gas industry has seen a massive influx of capital from investors into mineral interests. The market for this specialty asset class is currently estimated at more than one trillion dollars. Yet, outdated technologies and reliance on paper-based processes often impede effective management of asset portfolios at scale.

Our mineral management technology and services address the growing need for investors to manage large portfolios, track revenue, verify production, and identify new investment opportunities. Customers include financial institutions, private equity firms, family offices, funds, and oil & gas operators with mineral and non-op portfolios. Backed by top digital oilfield venture capital firms, MineralSoft has also formed strategic partnerships with leading oil & gas data providers Drillinginfo and Oildex.

The MineralSoft Team

MineralSoft's team is comprised of oil & gas industry veterans, certified mineral managers, land professionals, and data analysts.

Funded by Top Silicon Valley Technology Firms and Leading Digital Oilfield Investors

Be a Part of Our Success Story

Room to Grow

Our environment is fast-paced and there is a tremendous amount of opportunity for professional growth and learning.

Meaningful Work, Casual Culture

You will be surrounded by exceptional people, challenging and interesting problems to solve, and Dez, our always hungry office pup.

Guided by Your Feedback

At MineralSoft, your voice will be heard. We make decisions based on input and ideas we receive from our employees and our customers.

Success Built on Respect

Our workplace culture values collaboration, respect, and humility. These are the principles that guide organizational and client success.

Get the Most Out of Your Oil & Gas Investments

Our team of mineral management experts is ready to help you choose the right solutions for your business.