Austin Business Journal recently interviewed MineralSoft’s CEO, Gabe Wilcox.  Be sure to read the full article to learn about our rapidly growing team, but here’s an excerpt:

MineralSoft to double Austin workforce as it exploits an untapped market in oil and gas sector

MineralSoft Inc. co-founders Gabe Wilcox and Jon Parker are looking for a piece of the oil and gas sector worth a potential $1 trillion.

MineralSoft works with non-operator oil and gas businesses, which began trending at the turn of the decade. Such companies accept a minority position in oil and gas fields, while operators control the rig and well and bear most of the costs. Nonoperators pay only their respective drilling, development and operating cost percentages.

“It’s disorganized, heavily paper-based and it hasn’t been brought online,” and for those reasons, it’s “really compelling,” said Wilcox, the Austin company’s CEO. Adding non-operator businesses to the mix can help oil and gas drillers research potential new sites, while reducing the costs and risks that come with exploration and production.

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