Take Control of Your Oil & Gas Investments with Enverus MineralSoft

Drive higher profitability, move faster, and lower risks with the only 360 Mineral Management of Technology and Services. Enverus MineralSoft offers solutions tailored for investment funds, family offices, banks, individuals & trusts, foundations & endowments, corporations, E&P companies, and government agencies.

MineralSoft Pays for Itself

“MineralSoft has enabled our company to analyze our income and capture missing revenue across our portfolio. This program has paid for itself through both data capture savings and revenue evaluation opportunities.”

Dan Thacher

Asset Manager at Desert Royalty Company

Keeping Everything Organized

“MineralSoft allows Water Valley Land Company to have a central location where we can keep track of our royalties for all of our different mineral interests. The ability to also use MineralSoft’s platform to quickly find detailed revenue and adjustment information regarding each well is something that is very valuable to our company.”

Colton Lind

Principal at Water Valley Land Company

Revolutionizing Portfolio Management

“We save countless hours each month using MineralSoft. There's no tool like it for acquiring and managing minerals at scale. It has revolutionized the way we approach portfolio management.”

Ken Willey

Founder of GRP Energy

Knowing When We're Underpaid

“As a private mineral owner with hundreds of properties and wells, we now have access to data that allows us to know when we’re paid, whether we are paid correctly, if payments stopped unnoticed, if we are HBP and a great deal more. We have already recovered over $50,000 from oil & gas companies using MineralSoft.”

Melinda Wood

Principal at J.O. Wood FLP

Desert Royalty Company

Investment Fund
Midland, TX

Water Valley Land Company

Windsor, CO

GRP Energy Capital

Investment Fund
Dallas, TX

J.O. Wood FLP

Family Office
Decatur, TX

Get the Most Out of Your Oil & Gas Investments

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